Christian Wilhelm

Christian Wilhelm

Sales Associate

  • Cell: 412-651-3357
  • Office: 412-787-8880
  • Office Location: Cowden Creek Realty, LLC
    5500 Steubenville Pike Suite 2c, Robinson Township, PA 15136

About Christian Wilhelm

Here is what is valuable about me:


  • Loyal

  • Dependable

  • The hardest worker in the room 

  • Enthusiastic & personable

  • Driven by passion, generosity & empathy

  • Fulfilled by helping others

  • Consistent

  • Organized & systematic

  • Strong & respectable reputation 

  • Highly educated in real estate markets, transactions and marketing

  • Director of a top producing team that has my back when I need it, like I have theirs 

I’ve always been an enthusiastic and personable entrepreneur. Every day after grade school, I’d run up and down my neighborhood in Kennedy Twp selling Pokémon cards from a penny to fifteen dollars to the other kids on the street. I used masking tape and pen to price out each card over the sheet protectors in my binder that I lugged around with me everywhere. I loved being known by the parents as the “kid who sells everything”. I stayed consistent with my passion for selling and by the time I was 13 I had begun an online eBay & Craigslist business. My mom can tell stories of her having to talk to the people that would call me on the items that I had for sale. “Hi, this is Christian’s mother.. yes he’s the one who is handling this. I know! He’s young, but he sounds older. Yes.. I’ll make sure to be here when you come to buy the (insert any item that could be pulled out of a cluttered garage or trash pile here)”.

My drive and commitment in my young life led me to discover what I loved doing the most – helping people. Then eventually I’d discover a passion that I had no idea was there – real estate. My mentor, Michael W. Cowden (owner of Cowden Creek Realty) and I were introduced by my father when I was 17 years old. I didn’t know what would come of the meeting with Mike — I was a lost teen with little confidence at the time, and was discouraged trying to find a career path. What he did for a living enticed me and I was fortunate enough to be mentored by him almost immediately thereafter. At the time, I had no idea that real estate would bring me back to life.

When I first thought of real estate, I just assumed “selling houses”. I learned quickly that being an agent is much more than that — it’s being a shoulder to lean on when helping someone or a family make one of the biggest decisions that they’ll ever make in their lifetime – and I love it. Being the youngest agent in the office when I started, I learned three things:

1) I had to be the hardest worker in the room

2) I had to be the most educated

3) I had to provide the most value to people and my clients


December 2019 marks 6 years for me as a licensed agent (I was a personal assistant to Mike 1-year before getting my license). Being young in the industry helped me find my best self — I’ve developed a mindset and uniqueness to my brand that has developed my character not only as an agent, but as a person. Learning how to bring value to relationships and people has not only helped me sell a lot of real estate and compete at a high level, it has helped me find peace within myself, become closer with my family, and provide mentorship to other agents/people like I once needed.

Every day when I wake up at 4am, I put my heart and soul into what I do. This is my talent and I take every single deal personally. A client once wrote to me “You can see how passionate you are when you speak about what you do”. You need an agent that’s happily immersed in this 24/7 line of work. When you find someone that works to electrify the passion in themselves and others – you’ve found the right one.