Alex Hartz

Alex Hartz

Sales Associate

  • Cell: 412-414-2389
  • Office: 412-787-8880
  • Office Location: 5500 Steubenville Pike, Suite 2C, Robinson Twp, PA 15136

About Alex Hartz

Words that best describe me:

  • Competitive 

  • Hard working

  • Personable

  • Passionate

In life, no one person is the same. Each individual has specific traits that make them unique. For me, it is my competitive nature, my work ethic, and my personality that set me apart from others.

As a kid, my brother and I competed in everything, especially baseball. Who is faster, who can throw harder, who has a better batting average. We wanted nothing more than to be better than one another. I will admit that he was a better baseball player than me, but I can forever brag that I threw a perfect game my senior year of highschool. Something that had never happened in my school’s history. All in all, my brother and baseball are the foundation of my competitive nature and I carry that with me to this day. 

Not only am I competitive, I am one of the hardest working people that I know. I say this with complete sincerity. As a kid I always had a desire to work. At the age of thirteen, my mom offered me an opportunity to clean offices above her workplace twice a week for $40. I jumped on the opportunity and started working my first job the next day. Since that day, there hasn’t been a single day that I have been unemployed. 

My competitive, hard working nature coincides with my most important trait, my personality. It can be challenging to put into words what makes someone personable. For me, I think it is my willingness to open myself to new ideas and concepts. I like to listen first, and then talk. If you know me, you know that I can talk to anyone about anything. I love to meet new people, and hear their story. This is my favorite part of myself and I think it is what makes me unique. 

There is more to me than what has been said in the paragraphs above, but these three traits define me the most. Subsequently, I believe that these qualities set me apart from other agents in this business. But, enough about me, I want to hear your story and help you in any way that I can.